Computational Creativity

- Generative Music (for processor-based systems and games)
- Artificial intelligence and Artificial Life in musical systems
- Computer-aided composition
- Creative Coding – audiovisual systems, including robotics, games, and installations

HCI in music technology

- New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME)
- Embodiment in digital systems (tactile media, spatial audio, installations)
- Collaboration and networked musical systems
- Music perception, cognition, affect, and emotions

Music Information Retrieval

- Representation of musical signals (as score, spectrographs, other visualisations or modalities)
- Music classification and modelling through computational methods – musical feature extraction
- The semantic web, new musical formats (MusicXML, mpeg-7)
- Automated score generation and score following

Performance Studies

- Liveness and improvisation with music technologies
- Live coding and the creation of domain specific programming languages
- NIME, including psychology, HCI, media anthropology, and ethnography approaches
- Media archaeology of performance devices
- Machines, robots, and installations

Technology Research

- Explore music technology practice within a wider social context
- Philosophy of technology and music systems
- Technology and aesthetics
- Critical code studies, software studies