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Research Fellow in Digital Humanities/Digital Performance

The Sussex Humanities Lab in collaboration with the School of Media, Film and Music at the University of Sussex wishes to appoint a fixed-term (4-year) fellowship (Research Fellow) in Digital Technologies/Digital Performance. While based in the School of Media, Film and Music, the appointee will work across the Sussex Humanities Lab in collaboration with colleagues in History, Art History & Philosophy, Informatics, and Education and Social Work.

The ideal candidate will have a demonstrable track record of work in performance technologies as a theorist and/or creative practitioner, with clear evidence of technical expertise in all cases. Candidates with knowledge of one or more of the following:  creative software (e.g. SuperCollider, Max/MSP or Pure Data), app development, graphic and games programming (e.g. OpenGL, Unity), physical computing, are particularly encouraged.

Further information on Sussex Jobs

A PDF with the job description can be downloaded here: Research Fellow in Digital Humanities/Digital Performance 226

Fields – Tim Shaw and Sébastien Piquemal

:::: Thursday, April 9th, 1.20pm @ Meeting House, University of Sussex ::::

NOTE: Please bring a networked device – a computer, phone, tablet, etc.

In this piece, Sébastien and Tim explore mobile technology as a medium for sound diffusion. Audience members can join in by simply connecting to a specific website with their mobile phone, laptop or tablet. The connected devices become an array of speakers that the performers can control live, resulting in an omni-directional sonic experience. This project provides an alternative method for sound spatialisation as well as offering new ways in which audiences can engage in sonic works. Fields has been performed in Helsinki, Berlin, Athens, Lisbon and Newcastle.

Further information: tim-shaw.net/fields_/

In a workshop afterwards, Tim and Sebastien will introduce participants to using Fields as a performance or installation tool. We will cover technical aspects such as setting up, configuration and customisation of the system. We will also share experience gathered from a year of composing for tiny mobile phone speakers, trying different audience configurations and dealing with latency and other technical limitations. The workshop will allow for participants to create their own work using Fields and will culminate in a listening session and an open discussion.

Fields Fields

Tim Shaw

Tim Shaw has worked internationally as a professional composer, performer, sound designer and researcher. His practice incorporates diverse approaches to sound capture and processing, and includes creating immersive and site responsive sonic installations. His compositional methods include field recordings, synthesized sounds and live electronics, providing a wide scope for creative diversity. At the heart of his work lies a concern with the auditory reflection and mirroring of real world environments through sound and technology. He is currently studying a PhD in Digital Media at Culture Lab alongside managing Newcastle based record label Triptik. Tim has created commissions for Warp Records, The British Council, The British Science Association, Pacitti Company, Tender Buttons and Transform Festival.

Sébastien Piquemal

Sébastien Piquemal is a computer engineer, obsessively exploring the artistic capabilities of machines. After working several years as a full-stack web developer in Helsinki, Finland, he decided to dedicate himself fully to making music. Since then, he has been an active contributor to the open-source software community, leading various projects such as WebPd (Pure Data patches running in the web browser). As a lover of Jazz and improvised music, Sébastien is seeking new ways to place human interaction at the core of live music. He is presently doing a MA degree in sound in new media at Media Lab Helsinki.

Music, Software, Function – A seminar with Robert Thomas

:::: Wednesday, Feb 25th, 1pm, @ Recital Room, Falmer House 120 ::::

This talk will present the work Robert Thomas has been exploring with various companies over the last 5 years. He will be discussing how while music making technology has evolved radically over the last 20 years, the process of music distribution and the form of music itself has remained conceptually the same for many decades, stretching back to the beginning of recorded music and beyond. Through a range of projects he will present how music which is distributed as software, and using sensor technology, can behave in exciting new ways and relate very directly to user experience. The discussion will range from apps on smartphones, to wearables, VR and AR. Finally Robert will discuss how music as software can perform a quantifiable function for listeners. No longer ‘just’ entertainment – music can become a tool to achieve practical goals and create value or reduce risk.

Following the talk Robert will host a workshop demonstrating and under the hood view of how some of his projects work technically.

Robert Thomas in the Studio

Robert Thomas, Adaptive Music Composer and Sound Designer

Over the last 10 years Robert Thomas has worked as a composer, sound designer, audio programmer and experience designer across a wide range of innovative projects. He specialises in innovative technical projects which often involve ways music and sound can adapt to listeners behaviour.

Robert is currently working on music apps which change based on heart rate and movement, using devices including the Apple Watch. Meditation music apps which create music out of the users brainwaves ( via EEG ) and help them meditate better. He has just completed an interactive virtual reality exhibit for a major TV brand using Oculus Rift. He has also worked on sound and music for the first holographic portrait of HRH Queen of England,  video games ( published by Nintendo ) and concerts / ambisonic 3d sound installations ( with Imogen Heap for Reverb Festival 2014 ).

Previously Robert was CCO at RjDj where he worked on the viral hit app Inception The App. This app was no1 in the App Store and has had over 6 million downloads. He has collaborated with Hans Zimmer, Imogen Heap, Air, Carl Craig, Little Boots, Bookashade, Jimmy Edgar, Chiddy Bang, Console / Acid Pauli, Sophie Barker (Zero 7) and Kirsty Hawkshaw (Opus III, Orbital, Tiesto).


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