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Month: February 2017

A Magnificent Crossbreeding of Protein and Tinplate

:::: Monday, February 13th, 5-9pm @ Attenborouch Centre for the Creative Arts ::::

A Magnificent Crossbreeding of Protein and Tinplate is a generative music theatre performance with audience interactive/participatory aspects. It is inspired and devised based on Heiner Muller’s Despoiled Shore/Medeamaterial/Landscape with Argonauts. The audience is invited to explore this performance ecosystem, a deconstructed landscape, a fragmented environment, where individuals can be found playing music, reading, singing, being.

A Magnificent Crossbreeding of Protein and Tinplate is a posthuman vivarium. The “I” in this space is collective and visitors are invited to transit, inhabit, indulge and experience this world, to interact with the performers, the objects and the space. The piece is an alive performance organism, controlled through a network of computers. It evolves as time passes, and as the performers and the cybernetic system react to the audience’s presence and movement in the space, generating a succession of unique and unexpected situations.


The performance is designed to run for 4 hours and the audience can enter and leave the space as they please. Due to the nature of the performance and the space limitation, the audience might be asked to explore the space carefully, as well as be open for interaction with other human and non-human beings.

This piece of generative music theatre is the final of a series of experiments, part of Thanos Polymeneas-Liontiris’ PhD practice-based research on interactive music theatre, taking place at the University of Sussex, supervised by Thos Magnusson and Nicholas Till and funded by AHRC.

Further location info: ACCA

Concept/Direction/Music: Thanos Polymeneas Liontiris
Production/Assistant Director: M. Eugenia Demeglio
Text by: H. Muller, Aeschelus, Heracletus, W. Shakespeare, T.S. Elliot, G. Seferis, F. Hölderlin
Text adaptation: Nikos Ioakeim, Thanos Polymeneas-Liontiris
Devised with and performed by: Gonçalo Almeida (PT/NL), M. Eugenia Demeglio (IT/UK), Theresa Elflein (DE/UK), Nikos Ioakeim (GR/NL), Katerina Kostantourou (GR/NL), Arthur Artorius Leadbetter (UK), Stephanie Pan (US/NL), Friso van Wijck (NL).

Emute Lab in Reykjavik

The fruitful collaboration with Halldor Ulfarsson on the feedback cellos, that started as part of the Arts Council funded workshop programme at the Live Interfaces conference, is continuing with Alice Eldridge and Chris Kiefer going to Reykjavik to work at theIcelandic Academy of the Arts.

They will also be performing in Mengi on February 12th:

Feedback Cell is the duo formed by cellist Alice Eldridge (Collectress, En Bas Quartet) and computer-musician Chris Kiefer (Luuma) to explore their ever-evolving feedback cello project. Two butchered cellos, electromagnetic pickups, code, bows and lots of soldering. Emits dulcet drones and brutal yelps.
Alice Eldridge is a cellist and researcher. Her backgrounds in music, psychology, evolutionary and adaptive systems and computer science inspires and informs systemic sound-based research across ecology, technology and music. Current projects include ecoacoustics for biodiversity assessment, networked notation for ensemble music-making and hybrid instrument building for improvisation. As a cellist she has shared stages, studios and other acoustic spaces with some of the UK’s most inventive musicians at the intersections of contemporary classical, folk, free jazz, minimal pop and algorithmic musics.

Chris Kiefer is a computer-musician and musical instrument designer, specialising in musician-computer interaction, physical computing, and machine learning. He performs with custom-made instruments including malleable foam interfaces, touch screen software, interactive sculptures and a modified self-resonating cello. Chris’ research often focuses on participatory design and development of interactive music systems in everyday settings, including digital instruments for children with disabilities, and development of the NETEM networked score system for musical ensembles
Concert starts at 9pm. Tickets: 2000 ISK.


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